5 Best New York Ghost Walking Tours

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New York City is known for its hurrying around and has been the living space for many America’s most verifiably critical individuals. With each progression you take in this substantial wilderness, through this thick city loaded up with ages of noteworthy occasions, there’s one region with a real standing for paranormal movement, Town has been immersed with a set of experiences that’s interesting, terrible, and odd. Put down on an extraordinary encounter and investigate a side of New York that couple of are adequately bold to see. Enjoy a pub crawl through certainly one of New York’s most haunted neighborhoods, the East Village, on Urban Village Tours’ East Village Ghost Pub Crawl. If you look nearer anyway, you’ll see a dreary past, as this structure once filled in as a jail for Manhattan’s female crooks and was additionally the principal night court.

1) New York City Ghost Tour of Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village is certainly one of New York City’s most beautiful and most haunted neighborhoods, but just strolling through alone you’d overlook most of the spooky historical facts. Chilling stories of celebrity ghosts, lost children, phantoms, and more as you stroll through the New York University campus,

2) Greenwich Village Haunted Ghost Tour, in NYC

Take a walk through the dark side of NYC history on a ghost tour through Greenwich Village, certainly one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods. Stroll through the village and visit haunted locations that often go unnoticed by visitors and locals alike. Highlights include stops at Washington Square Park, Hangman’s Elm, and the Emma Lazarus House.

3) NYC Haunted Tour
Many NYC ghost tours sell out fast, leaving you with limited dates and times to select from if you never book early. Prebook this Greenwich Village Haunted Tour, and lock in your selected time with this experience. It is a near-perfect combination of New York City history and spooky stories.

4) Ghosts of New York Walking Tour
The Big Apple’s scariest streets. Look and listen as an area guide shares terrifying tales from sites in Greenwich Village’s haunted history, like the potter’s field, a large grave under certainly one of New York’s most beautiful parks. Walk after dark oldest tree in Manhattan, which includes seen more than its share of scare. And find the house where Edgar Allan Poe wrote a lot of his stories of mystery and the macabre.

5) East Village Gangster Ghost Pub tour
Learn about the numerous apparitions that spook a number of the finest and famous watering holes in the neighborhood including one of many oldest bars in New York City where in actuality the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini still performs tricks.  Go to the haunted Colonnade Row where Washington Irving lived and worked along side his wealthy neighbors including John Jacob Astor.

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