Car Rental Service in India

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The presence of tour car rentals in most major cities has increased the ease and convenience for foreign travelers visiting major cities. In some instances, it has become extremely difficult for foreign travelers to find a good and trustworthy tour provider to make their trip comfortable and enjoyable. In order to be assured of their safety and comfort, foreign travelers are now opting for a travel car rental service instead of hiring a cab or using public transportation. Although, there is an increase in the number of companies offering travel car rental services in major cities, there is still a great need for travel car rental service providers in Tibetan areas.

Most foreign tourists prefer to use rental cars during their trip to Tibet because they believe that it will help them experience the region’s rich culture. There are many Tibetans who are hard-working and committed to ensuring that the local residents have access to basic human rights and a safe and secure existence. While most Travelcar¬†foreign travelers may not be aware of the region’s rich history, most travel brochures and tour guides provide comprehensive information on the region. Tibet is considered to be among the most beautiful places in the world because it is home to a unique and diverse landscape.

A travel agency that offers a package deal for car rentals in Tibet will definitely offer more options for tourists. For instance, most agencies would offer a selection of luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Hummer, etc. This will enable travelers to easily compare prices between tour agencies. The availability of such types of vehicles will enable tourists to visit more destinations in greater number of places.

Most popular tour packages include a two-day trip to Lhasa- Lakesyuan in the foothills of the great Himalaya. The car rental offered by most tour agency firms will enable travelers to easily make hotel reservations at convenient hotels in Lhasa- Lakesyuan. The trip will also take them to the town of Tsang. After a short stay in Tsang, tourists can make their way to Dharamshala. The great thing about this trip is that tourists are able to witness the true colors of Tibetan culture, as they can see the beautiful painted dwellings. This part of the Himalayas is also known for the Great Himalayan Highway, which runs along the border between India and China.

Another popular option includes a two-day or three-day car tour in Arunachal Pradesh. This part of the state is famous for its rich Buddhist heritage. Car rental from a travel agency would enable travelers to visit the Shanti Stupa, where Dalai Lama was born. Most tourists who travel in this part of India are made to drink tea from the yellow tea pot. This is done by a Buddhist monk.

Travelers who plan to travel in India should make sure to book a car according to their needs. A travel agency often offers discounts on car rentals. In addition to discounts, they may also provide tourists special services such as driver safety training. They would also offer coverage for all expenses for parking. Before booking a car, it is important to check with travel agencies in India, as each one has different terms and conditions.

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