Sports-related brain injuries in childhood

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We could be putting our children at risk by playing football, soccer, and hockey. All of these sports have the potential to cause brain injuries. However, these dangers can be avoided by using common sense and taking the appropriate safety precautions.

The majority of sports-related brain injuries children sustain are caused by playing ice hockey. This is usually due to player contact, hitting from behind, or hitting the boards gervonta davis. It is most commonly caused by tackling in football, while it can also occur when a player hits a goalpost or comes into contact with another player. Most baseball injuries occur from contact with a ball, bat, or other player. Younger players (usually under ten years old) are more likely to sustain injuries from contact with the bat swing or their head. Basketball and lacrosse are two other sports where young athletes can sustain head injuries. Basketball injuries have seen a significant increase in recent years due to elbowing and hitting fixed structures.

Children’s leagues are most likely to play hockey and soccer, especially for children aged five-14 years. Other sports, which can lead to brain injuries, include skiers, snowboarders and cyclists.

However, there are some safeguards that can help protect children from brain injuries (concussions) while they play sports. These are:

Protective gear should be worn by all children, including properly fitting helmets. Proper equipment should always be worn, both at games and during practices.

– Each sport’s rules and regulations must be followed. By following all game regulations and ensuring that all rules are enforced. One rule that isn’t enforced in hockey is hitting from behind, which continues to occur despite the rule being broken.

All officials of government, all sports sponsors, schools and coaches must be aware and change their behavior and attitudes.

All children’s sports should have adult supervision.

– Education programs should be available to inform the public about the dangers of sports injuries and the subsequent head injuries.

Safety rules and incentives should be in place to promote safety in sports.

– Football and soccer should have padded goal posts on all fields. These are high-impact sports and children are more at risk for injury.

Even though I don’t have any young children who are interested in sports, I have grandchildren who love soccer and baseball. My seven-year-old grandson is a soccer player and I wonder what it is doing to his brain. My son believes that the ball isn’t being kicked with much force at this age, so it’s unlikely that it does any harm.

It is imperative that attitudes change and that people are educated. Our young people must be protected. They can’t rely on anyone else to protect them.

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