Squid Game’s Guards Become Among Us Impostors In 3D Crossover

October 7, 2021 Games  No comments

A talented artist has reimagined the guards of Squid Game as Among Us imposters with stunning 3D visuals. Among Us’ characters’ minimal design makes them the ideal blank canvas for crossovers from creators, with previous fanart including an Among Us and Super Smash Bros. mash-up.

Squid Game has taken the world by storm following its release on Netflix last month. Quickly becoming one of the most popular shows of the year, Squid Game focuses on down-and-out people offered the chance to compete against each other for money, taking part in a range of children’s games to challenge their dexterity, bravery, and integrity. Things take a dark turn when players realize they’re playing not just for money, but also for their lives. The series has become an overnight sensation that has already spilled into the world of video games, with fans comparing Squid Game to Pok√©mon GO and other hit releases.

Graphic artist BossLogic has impressed Twitter with their reimagining of Squid Game’s guards. The show’s overseers look considerably less formidable but a lot more sus with their Among Us imposter 3D makeover, which includes the infamous red suits and black masks seen in the show. The among us statistics from tokyo crossover also includes the guns often used by Squid Game’s guards, as well as the circle, triangle, and square symbols now synonymous with the Netflix series. The fanart has drawn the attention of the official Twitter account for Among Us, who praised the designs as being “SO GOOD.”

This may be the first time that Among Us has seen a Squid Game crossover, but it’s not the first time the imposters have been brought to life in 3D. While Among Us sports 2D visuals, a Fall Guys crossover added imposter skins to the battle royale game earlier this year, with players able to dress their beans as 3D Among Us characters. Interestingly, Squid Game’s battle royale-like children’s games have seen the show compared to Fall Guys already, with many hoping for an official Fall Guys and Squid Game crossover.

The simple yet memorable designs used across Squid Game, including the players’ green tracksuits, Seong Gi-hun’s red hair, and of course, the circle, triangle, and square symbols, are already proving to be iconic, and could make for excellent crossover content with games like Among Us. While such content would likely be a hit among fans of both the show and game, it’s not clear if Netflix would be up for collaboration. The streaming service recently acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, which could mean it’s planning its own original games or TV tie-ins in the future.

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