Visit the Dog House paw-sitively filled with prizes!

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In a bright and beautiful morning on a sunny day in Chui town, this particular house has captured the eye of all passers-by due to all the noise and ruckus that takes place within the walls. Find out what there is to know and get inside the mysterious door to The Dog House slot88 game. Begin to meet the dogs who are playful inside and get to know The Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and Dachshund to claim the jackpot prize that is worth 6,750x the amount you bet!

The Dog House is a 5-reel 20 payline animal themed slot game. It is packed with 12 amazing symbols, you can land three of the highest-paying symbol on your reels to you will be rewarded with huge payouts!

Do you know who let dogs go out The Dog House?

Low-paying symbols

You can find the lively Dog House as you venture through the roads in Chui village. Who wouldn’t love spending all day among the happiest and sweetest residents in the town? Many have tried to get into their furry home however only a handful were able to observe these adorable pups in the action. Fortunately to you, you’re among them!

It is believed the rumour is that The Dog House has been deemed to be the home of the most fortunate dogs in the world. They are blessed by everyone they show a love to, and they reward them with the privilege of rubbing their heads.

Explore the mysteries that is The Dog House slot game by landing three or more similar low-paying symbols across the spins. Each match is just one steps closer to winning the hearts of these dogs.

Find 3 symbols that match 10 J and and Q on the reels of the Dog House slot game and you will receive 10 coins in your account! Chance to take home 25 coins if you get four of them. an even bigger jackpot of 125 dollars is waiting for you when you land five or more on the spins.

You can win 25 coins when get three K A, K and A icons on the reels. You can also win 50 more coins if you hit four of them! You will be rewarded with an amazing 250 dollars when you get five identical symbols of the letters K and A across the spinning reels.

Find the bones hidden over the lush grasses of the backyard of the Dog House and you’ll earn 40 dollars when you find three or more on the spins! You can win $100 worth of winnings when you spot four of them on the reels, and you’ll get a massive payout of 500 coins when you win five of them.

It is hoped that the reels will grant you a dog’s collar on your next spin! This will boost your game to a new level.

When you have three dog collars in the game, you’ll be awarded an incredible reward of 60 coins. If you happen to hit four of them, you could win around 125 dollars. If you make the best of your shot, you could land five dog collars on the reels, for the chance to win 750 coins!

High-paying symbols

When you step through the amazing entrance to The Dog House, you’ll be met by Dachshund. Earn 100 coins each time you get three identical symbols on the reels. You also gain the chance to boost your winnings by hitting four Dachshunds. You will be paid a lot when you hit them five time on the wheel, for the chance to win 1,000 dollars.

Another adorable pet will be waiting for your arrival as soon as you enter the home; the Pug has the most volume and aggressive of the others. It’s not necessary to calm this adorable animal since you’ll get a huge amount of 125 dollars when you get three identical symbols in the spins.

You can get 300 coins when you land four Pug symbols. You can also win the biggest prize is 1,500 coins when you hit them five time on your reels!

The most adorable of all is the stunning Princess Shih Tzu. But The Shih Tzu in The Dog House slot game is the solitary one.

Play around with your luck, and you may be able to hug her and win the royal prize of 175 coins if you hit three identical symbols. Take your best shot when you hit four of them to win 500 coins. You can also get a massive jackpot of 2,500 dollars once you have hit them five times!

If you’ve managed to touch each animal in the game, the top pay-out symbol, the imposing Bulldog can pay an incredible amount of 3,750 coins when you have five similar symbols across the spins!

Hound is the winner with these barking characteristics

Wild symbols

Look for Wild icons on your reels in the shape of a tiny dog house. It is usually found on reels 3, 4 and 2, and substitutes for all symbols with the exception of bonus symbols.

The Wild symbol comes with multipliers which add up when they are placed on a single line. Make a bet today and stand a an opportunity to win the jackpot jackpot worth 6,750x your stake!

Bonus symbols

Find the paw of a dog on the reels 1, 3 and five! It’s the bonus symbol in The Dog House slot game and is worth 5x the amount you bet. The dog’s paw could also activate free Spins round.

Free Spins

Get a hefty amount of free Spins when you get similar bonus symbol on your reels! You can receive huge winnings by activating this feature.

Wild symbols are usually found on reels 3, 4 and 2 when you play free games. Profit from this opportunity and be the most fortunate man today!

With the adorable animals running through on the spins, this slot by Pragmatic Play is an absolute Sweet Bonanza. Be the pet owner of the most adorable pets on the block when you take home the jackpot prize that is worth 6,750x the amount you bet on The Dog House slot!

Celebrate your win by organizing your own Dance Party and enjoy the beautiful Beauty of your wins with the entire Chui village. Explore more games on Slots!

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