Who invented the game of casino?

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Casino games are all over the place in 2021. There are more offline and on-site casinos like king casino than ever before and they’re not slowing down. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that casino games aren’t new. In fact, your great-great-grandparents probably were a casino player!

Where do they come from, or who’s the genesis of this industry? Find out more here and we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • China
  • Italy
  • USA

China: The True Origins of Gambling

If we consider those who invented the casino games, it could be a reference to different things. Are we searching for the person who came up with the idea of a casino or the creator of gambling KUBET? If we’re discussing gambling in casinos The real source of the game has been China! Casino game players date to the 10th century when they played traditional Chinese casino games like Pai Gow! The Chinese continued to create kinds of casino games throughout the past 1000 years and as they began to migrate to the USA this phenomenon was able to gain some momentum! However, we cannot give China all its due…

Italy: The Origin of the Casino

Even though China being the pioneer of the development of gambling, these games were just played with friends. There wasn’t any kind of system or culture that surrounded the game. But it was they Italians are the very first to recognize the lucrative possibilities of operating casinos, which was an establishment which was devoted to the games offered by casinos. The first casino was built in the Grand Canal in Venice, called ‘Casino di Venecia which was actually part of an theatre. In the intervals, audiences would flock into the casino wing in order to play games with colleagues and leave the theater with a huge winnings. At first, it might have appeared like the Chinese invented the casino game however, should Italy developed the concept of the casino, then surely they’re the true winners?

Slot Games

We cannot write an article on the history of casinos and games without mentioning slot machines! Slot machines were certainly not in the forefront of history in gambling as slots being first introduced appearing in the late 19th century. But, is it possible to imagine a gaming industry in casinos in the present without slot machines? Casinos wouldn’t be the same, and that’s why we should give the USA the credit for this wonderful invention! They might not have invented the casino game but, without their contribution, we’d be being left out of these:

  • The Las Vegas Experience
  • The showmanship and the culture of croupiers and dealers
  • Every variation of slot machines.

Who invented the games of chance?

It’s not so easy! There’s no way of declaring who invented gambling however, history suggests that the source was China. However, they were not necessarily casino-related games, as Italy wasn’t the first to create a casino until the 17th century! Was it that the USA for their huge contribution to the gambling culture? Our view is that they’re equally valuable as one another, and there isn’t one obvious winner in the rich tradition of gambling!

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